At Henning Amplification, our mission is to design and build the finest tube guitar amplifiers for discerning tone freaks. Hand built in the USA using the highest quality components and materials, our amplifiers sound killer, look cool and are as durable and road ready as anything currently on the market.

While this site is geared toward educating people about our products and how to purchase them direct, we'll also be sharing detailed information about amp modification, design and building.

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Steve Henning

Owner, Designer, Builder

The company and products are the culmination of our owner, Steve Henning's decades-long obsession with tone. From his days headlining the Los Angeles area clubs during the heyday of the 80s Hollywood metal scene (where his bands shared bills with Great White, Warrant, Poison, Hurricane and a plethora of others) to founding Henning Amplification, Steve has spent countless hours tinkering with every piece of guitar gear he could get his hands on to achieve the tones in his head.

While playing the clubs during the 80s, Steve was using a variety of pedals and rack gear to add gain to his amps, but was dissatisfied with how they colored the base tone. Around this time, he was introduced to Jose Arredondo, the legendary amp modder Edward Van Halen introduced to the world, who was adding gain modifications and other tone enhancements to just about every local LA player's amps. Steve had a couple of his amps modded by Jose and was finally getting the added gain he wanted without the tone coloring of the pedals and rack gear. He finally had the tone he was seeking.

After the advent of the Seattle grunge scene crashed the LA metal party, Steve had stopped playing professionally to focus on a career in software development. Fast forward to the late 90s, Steve felt the urge to get back into playing guitar and to begin recording again, taking advantage of the advances in home studio technology. The gear bug hit. He started getting into guitar equipment again and the tone chase began anew. Running through countless production amps, none of which could hold a candle to his long gone Jose-modded amps, Steve began crawling the Internet for information. He found amp discussion groups where he could commiserate with other obsessed tone freaks. He learned about the new generation of amp modders and boutique amp builders crafting their own visions of the tones in their heads. After owning a few of these cool boutique tone machines, something was still missing - that tone in his head from his old Jose-modded amps.

Armed with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a thirst to learn everything he could about amplifier modification and design, Steve began to experiment with amp mods at first, finally re-creating the tones of his Jose-modded amps. With that accomplished, he went beyond, adding features and multiple tweaked channels and modes resulting in his own designs, one of which has been open-sourced, so that anyone can build it if they have the skills. With his fellow tone freaks encouragement, he formed Henning Amplification to bring guitar players everywhere the amps that are the culmination of his chase for the ultimate guitar tones. We hope you'll enjoy cranking them as much as we do!