Cherry Bomb Prototype Build

We thought it would be interesting to our fellow tone freaks to see the step-by-step build process for the Cherry Bomb prototype amp. We start the process with the three boards (main, power supply, effect loop) populated and ready to go. The first few pics above show the completed boards.

Next you'll see the prototype chassis.  Of course the production chassis will be powder coated and silkscreened, so they look much nicer. You don't want to spend a lot on that before completely testing them though.

First, we assemble the custom transformers, choke, AC inlet, fuse holders, on/off switch, standby switch, indicator lamp, impedance selector and speaker jacks. Next, we tidy up the power and output transformer leads, cut them to length and install the power supply board. Now, we complete the power supply wiring and the output transformer section. Next, we install the main board and wire in the chassis mounted power tube sockets. At this point, you can see the inter-board connections, output section, switching section and the overall master are wired. In the next few pics you can see the detail of the output and switching section:

Finally, we wire in all the control pots, and the input jack. You can see that we use shielded wire for some controls to reduce noise. The amp is now complete and ready for initial testing: Next you'll see a few pictures of the prototype chassis from the top. These were taken just before we finished the amp, all that's missing are a few control pots:

So that is basically it. Everything was thought out during the design process to make the layout exceptionally clean and assembly, maintenance and repair easy. You can see the high quality components used and the 1/8? thick boards. You?ll never need to worry about board flex causing issues when you change preamp tubes with boards this thick.