Henning Amplification at the LA Amp Show

Henning Amplification will be demoing the Cherry Bomb at the LA Amp Show! The show is at the Airtel Plaza Hotel right near the Van Nuys, CA airport. Come see us at the show, play the Henning Cherry Bomb and pick up a FREE Henning Amplification T-shirt (while they last)! We are also going to be providing some cool Henning Amplification raglan baseball shirts for the giveaways both days. Any guitarists in the LA area who are into getting great tones should definitely check out this show.

New 4x12 Cabs and Head Cases are IN

We just got our first shipment of 4x12 cabs. Two in white and one in black. We'll be displaying them at the LA Amp show and they'll be available for purchase soon. These are the only items that We will take orders on since I don't have control of the lead time. Pricing coming soon. Just got done loading them with some nicely broken in Celestion G12H30 Anniversary speakers and they sound killer! The 4x12 cabs will only be available to purchasers of a Cherry Bomb at this time. 

Mercury Magnetics Shipment Just Came In

Just received a shipment of our new custom Mercury Magnetics transformers and chokes for the next Cherry Bomb production run. There are made to our exact specs and we believe Mercury Magnetics does an amazing job. Even if you aren't buying an amp from us, check them out - you can really improve the tone of your existing amps with a transformer upgrade from them.