Uncompromising Designs

Our designs are about providing the ultimate guitar tones in bulletproof and aesthetically pleasing packages and we make whatever design choices necessary and use whatever components we feel are optimum to achieve that goal. Here are some examples of what goes into our amps:

Our chassis and footswitches are 16g steel and the corners are beautifully welded. They are then zinc plated to eliminate rusting and masked in the areas that are needed for grounding. At this point, each chassis is powder coated in gloss white and silk screened with the controls and branding. These chassis and footswitches are incredibly durable and the powder coating and silk screening give the amp a distinctive look. No front or back plexi or metal panels are necessary since the controla are labeled right on the chassis.

All our amplifiers come standard with custom Mercury Magnetics power transformers, output transformers and chokes because they are willing to create exactly what we need to provide you with ultimate durability and the outstanding tones. They are built to last and come with an exceptional ten year warranty.

We use two watt PEC potentiometers in all of our amps. These are simply the most durable and highest quality MIL-SPEC potentiometers you can buy.

We use "flying lead" style design for all chassis mounted components and aerospace screw terminals to connect them to the boards. These screw terminals make servicing the amp easy because boards and chassis mounted components can be removed without having to de-solder wires from the boards. These screw terminals make as good or better connections as soldering and all leads using them are tinned before being screwed down.

We've found a supplier that can get real Cliff UK jacks, which are great quality.

We use F&T dual can caps for filtering in our amps. They are a bit more expensive that other can caps, but they are worth it.

We also use high quality WIMA polypropylene capacitors throughout our amps. They sound great in the positions we use them in and they also allow very clean and repeatable PCB design.

We use PCB design throughout our line of amps for repeatability and ease of maintenance. Our PCBs are 1/8" thick, so they'll be solid no matter how often you change your preamp tubes. We even use a PCB in our footswitch for ease of assembly. Our Bottle Rocket features a unique design for the power tube sockets that is both PCB and chassis mounted, while the Cherry Bomb has chassis mounted tube sockets. In either case, you are never going to damage a board removing and installing power tubes, no matter how often you change them.

We use metal film resistors in all our designs. We believe they sound great and are far less noisy than carbon film or carbon comp resistors.

We have hand selected the best tube set for our amps. We use matched duets or quads of Ruby EL34BSTR power tubes that are selected for early break up. In our preamp tube slots we use Ruby HG+ and Ruby HG 12AX7s. For the phase inverter, we selected a matched triode Sovtek 12AX7LPS and for the tube buffered effects loop, a Penta Labs 12AX7B.