Here are some answers to questions we get pretty frequently.

Q: Why don't you have dealers?

A: The bottom line is that we're trying to keep prices down for the consumer. While adding dealers would certainly provide the ability for people to demo and become more familiar with our amps, it would require us to increase our prices. We don't want to do that and we're happy to stay small and make sure that every amp that goes out is the very best quality.

Q: How can I try one of your amps?

A: Since we only sell direct, there is no way for anyone to "try before you buy" unless you know someone local who has one of our amps. While we believe the audio and video clips of our amps, both on the site and out on the WWW are very representative of the tones you'll be able to get, we understand some folks won't be convinced until they play one themselves. That's why we provide a satisfaction guarantee that will allow you return an amp you've purchased if you are unsatisfied for any reason in (accordance with the policy, of course).

Q: How can I buy one of your amps?

A: As mentioned, we sell direct through our Reverb store. For the details, check out our How To Buy page.

Q: How does your amp compare to the <insert manufacturer's amp here>?

A: It is our policy at Henning Amplification not to compare our amps to other manufacturers, many of whom are friends. We believe the audio and video clips available accurately reflect what our amps sound like and that the quality of our components and builds are evident in the many pictures we've posted on the site.

Q: Can you customize/tweak your amps to sound like....?

A: Our amps are production models we developed to sound and operate in a specific way. We do not do modifications of any kind to our amps.

Q: Can I get custom color tolex for the cabinets?

A: It's possible, but it will be a special order and an upcharge we'd have to discuss. Feel free to give us a call.

Q: Why do your amps use PCBs? don't point-to-point or turret board amps sound better?

A: A properly designed PCB-based amp will sound every bit as good as point-to-point or turret board designs with the added benefit of being incredibly consistent from amp to amp. Our PCBs are 1/8" thick and of the highest grade.

Q: Won't the PCBs eventually be damaged if I change tubes a lot?

A: No way! Our PCBs are an 1/8 inch thick (twice as thick as most manufacturers use) and don't flex when pulling preamp tubes. In both the Cherry Bomb and the Bottle Rocket, the power tube sockets are chassis mounted.