How To Buy

Henning Amplification products are currently available only direct from us (prices are listed on the product pages). This allows us to cut out the middle man and offer our hand-made in the USA amplifiers at the best price possible. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee (details here) since we understand you can't "try before you buy".

If you are interested in buying any of our products, please call or email us as indicated on our Contact page. We will contact you ASAP and either arrange to ship your amp from stock or provide a Not To Exceed delivery time if no stock is available at that time. You will not make any payment until your amp is ready to ship and you can change your mind any time after ordering your amp and prior to payment (we simply put the amp into stock if you change your mind about a purchase). The only exception to this policy is our 4x12 cabinets. Since they are built by a third party, we must take payment up front and our money back guarantee does NOT apply to them. We can take payment via Visa, MasterCard, bank check, postal money order or PayPal. Bank check and postal money order payment will delay shipment of your amp until we can verify payment.

Please note that we must charge appropriate sales tax for any purchases shipped to a California address.

Shipping Costs

We ship via UPS. You can choose any service they provide and your shipping cost will be our actual cost based on your location. FYI, our products all ship from Southern California.

Delivery Times

Here are our current build times. Please note that if stock currently does not exist, we only take on one build at a time. If we are currently building an amp for someone when you call to order, we will contact you as soon as a build spot becomes available.

Bottle Rocket

We often have available stock of our Bottle Rocket amp, so call or email for immediate availability. If we have stock, your amp will ship the next business day after confirmed payment. If no stock exists, your build will not exceed three (3) weeks from the day you order and will ship the next business day after completion.

Cherry Bomb

We no longer keep stock of the Cherry Bomb amp, unless we get a cancelled order. Due to the more complex nature of the amp, the build time is much longer than the Bottle Rocket. Your build time will not exceed eight (8) weeks from the day you order and will ship the next business day after completion.

4x12 Cabinet

Our 4x12 cabinets are built to order by a third party and, as mentioned, payment in full must be received up front. Your build time will not exceed six (6) weeks from the day you order and will ship the next business day after completion.

Please call if you have any questions about the purchase process or current availability.