The M-80 Ordnance Metal Mid Boost

The M-80 Ordnance Metal Mid Boost is based on the VFE Standout, but with a fixed frequency response tuned specifically for modern metal. Designed in collaboration with Peter Rutter (ex-VFE designer/owner and now with v(e) design) as the perfect boost to tighten up high gain guitars so they cut in the mix. This pedal also represents the first non-v(e) commercial pedal implementation of s Peter's new SPS system for power management and I/O. Whether you play standard tuned six strings, detuned, 7 or 8 strings, this boost will provide the cut and tightness you need.

The Bottle Rocket Preamp pedal is in production!

We are happy to announce that the design is complete and the new Bottle Rocket Pedal Preamp Pedal is now in production and testing. We've already got one finished and in our test pedalboard and we've made some quick clips (they are on the Audio and product pages) so you can hear it. It is sounding really great in the room, but better quality recordings will be coming shortly. We'll have them available in our Reverb Store soon! We're really excited about this pedal! More pedal announcements coming soon...


The Bottle Rocket Preamp Pedal

The Bottle Rocket Preamp Pedal is a two channel preamp pedal that delivers tube-like tone because of its unique design. The Clean channel produces gorgeous cleans and the Bottle Rocket high gain channel is basically identical to our 50 watt Bottle Rocket amplifier's preamp in both controls and gain stage design. The difference is that the pedal uses a high voltage (325V B+) LND150 MOSFET-based design to deliver its tones. It actually sounds amazingly close to the tube preamp section of the actual Bottle Rocket amplifier.

Henning Amplification Now Sells Through Reverb

Henning Amplification products are now available through our Reverb store. The Bottle Rocket and Cherry Bomb are available as a pre-order and the details on delivery are in the Reverb listings. Our 4x12 cabs are still custom order through a third party and so you must contact us directly to order them and they are not available in the store. We've got some exciting new products coming that will be available in the store as well, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Come check out our new store here:

Bottle Rocket Pedal Preamp In the Works!

We're working on a new Henning Amps project. This will be a 2 channel pedal preamp that can be used in front of an amp, in the loop return or into a pedal power amp like the PowerStage 170. Clean channel and full Bottle Rocket channel. This pedal preamp will be LND150-based, so no tubes to replace. Great for a fly rig board! 3-D mechanical design of the two channel Bottle Rocket pedal preamp continues! We’re now in board design phase and should be prototyping fairly soon. Pretty exciting times at Henning Amps!

Henning Amplification and Chubtone Guitars at the 2017 LA Amp Show

Chubtone Guitars and Henning Amps will be sharing a room at the LA Amp Show in Van Nuys, CA, Sept 30 and Oct 1.

Come by and check out our room and participate in the giveaways, panels etc., that are always fun!

Henning Amplification will be showing a cool new amp that we'll be revealing over the next few days on our Facebook page:

For more info about the LA Amp Show, click below

Josh Jarrard


It's tough to pull off a high gain amp that sounds great, feels great, and still retains outstanding dynamic response. From full blown aggression, to cleaning up with the volume knob, the Bottle Rocket delivers. By far my favorite amp of the 2016 LA Amp Show.

Billy Lima


The Bottle Rocket is one of the best amps I've played.  Perfect combination of killer tone, great features and size.  It's an extremely versatile, especially for a single channel amp and will give you anything from clean to crunch to an incredible lead tone with just your guitar's volume knob and playing dynamics.