Bottle Rocket Pedal Preamp In the Works!

We're working on a new Henning Amps project. This will be a 2 channel pedal preamp that can be used in front of an amp, in the loop return or into a pedal power amp like the PowerStage 170. Clean channel and full Bottle Rocket channel. This pedal preamp will be LND150-based, so no tubes to replace. Great for a fly rig board! 3-D mechanical design of the two channel Bottle Rocket pedal preamp continues! We’re now in board design phase and should be prototyping fairly soon. Pretty exciting times at Henning Amps!

Henning Amplification and Chubtone Guitars at the 2017 LA Amp Show

Chubtone Guitars and Henning Amps will be sharing a room at the LA Amp Show in Van Nuys, CA, Sept 30 and Oct 1.

Come by and check out our room and participate in the giveaways, panels etc., that are always fun!

Henning Amplification will be showing a cool new amp that we'll be revealing over the next few days on our Facebook page:

For more info about the LA Amp Show, click below

New Henning Bottle Rocket Clips by Al Estrada

We just added two new Bottle Rocket video clips done by our friend and incredible guitarist, Al Estrada. Al was kind enough to put together these video clips for us and they not only showcase his amazing skills, but also the versatility of the Bottle Rocket. Both clips are available on the Video Page as well as the Bottle Rocket Product Page.

Josh Jarrard


It's tough to pull off a high gain amp that sounds great, feels great, and still retains outstanding dynamic response. From full blown aggression, to cleaning up with the volume knob, the Bottle Rocket delivers. By far my favorite amp of the 2016 LA Amp Show.

Billy Lima


The Bottle Rocket is one of the best amps I've played.  Perfect combination of killer tone, great features and size.  It's an extremely versatile, especially for a single channel amp and will give you anything from clean to crunch to an incredible lead tone with just your guitar's volume knob and playing dynamics.

Drew Michyeta


The Cherry Bomb Plex channel is setup for full on 80's. I was expecting to be all over the Rod Channel, but he had the Plex setup almost perfectly for me. It's just oozing modded Marshall goodness. It's everything I love about that tone. Guitar volume all the way up and you're in Ratt territory, roll back guitar volume and you find yourself taking a step back to the 70's. I spent most of my 4 hours with the amp on this channel - in love.

Welcome to the New Henning Amps Website!

Welcome to the new Henning Amplification website! This new site has been a LONG time coming as we'd simply outgrown the old one. The new site finally has all the information you'd want about the new Bottle Rocket 50 watt amp, along with video and audio clips. This site also has a modern responsive design that should look great on any device from desktop to mobile.