The Bottle Rocket

The Bottle Rocket is the latest amplifier design from Henning Amplification. Our goal was to deliver a single channel 50 watt amp with enough tonal versatility to cover any gig in a small, but durable package. The Bottle Rocket delivers on our vision in spades!

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The Bottle Rocket is one of the most versatile single channel amplifiers you can buy today. It is a 50 watt tube amp featuring dual gain controls (each with a 3-way bright switch), dual foot switchable masters (each with a 3-way saturation switch) and and an overall master to provide great tones from bedroom to concert levels.


  • One ultra-flexible channel
  • 50 watt power amp (EL34 based)
  • White with black silkscreen heavy duty stainless steel chassis
  • DC heaters
  • Two footswitchable masters (Regular and Solo Boost), each with 3 way saturation switch
  • Series/Parallel switchable Tube buffered EFX Loop with independent Send and Receive pots (can be footswitched in/out of the circuit)
  • Two gain controls for the first two gain stages, each with a 3 way "Bright" switch for ultimate tonal versatility
  • Resonance control
  • External Bias points and adjustment
  • Overall Master (PPIMV)
  • Heavy duty two button (loop and solo boost) footswitch and cable


The Bottle Rocket's preamp design is loosely based on the flagship Cherry Bomb's ROD channel, however we made significant changes to make it more versatile. It is capable of heavier/more saturated tones, as well as giving you the ability to tighten the bass response considerably. The keys to the Bottle Rocket's versatility are the dual gain controls and their corresponding 3-way bright switches. The dual gain controls provide you with the ability to control the amp's gain in both the first and second preamp stages, allowing you to shape the tone to your exact taste. The 3-way bright switches on each gain control not only affect the high end response of the amp, but also tighten the response and add considerable perceived gain in the left and right positions (center position is off). You can mix the bright switch settings and gain control settings to get everything from classic rock tones to the heaviest modern metal tones. The amp also cleans up incredibly well with your guitar's volume, even with high output pickups, so you won't be needing a dedicated clean channel live.

The Bottle Rocket also allows you to change the gain response of the amp with the 3-way saturation switches associated with the main channel master (labeled VOLUME) and footswitchable solo master volume (labeled SOLO), allowing tremendous flexibility in sculpting YOUR ultimate tone. Singing lead tones and massive power chords can be dialed in with ease. The Bottle Rocket's footswitchable solo master volume and associated 3-way saturation switch can be set to provide a gain and volume boost for live soloing.

The Bottle Rocket also features global presence and resonance controls. The presence control provides high frequency variable feedback in power amp section, while the resonance control adds depth to the bass response.

The Bottle Rocket also features the same footswitchable, tube-buffered effects loop as the Cherry Bomb so you can add your time-based effects after the gain stages of the amp where they belong. You can choose either series or parallel mode for the effects loop, affording you the ultimate flexibility in how you want to use pedal or rack mount effects. This loop is extremely transparent and you won't hear any change in your tone when switching it in and out of the signal path.

Finally, the amp also features another, overall master volume. We're going to get a little "techie" on you here, but bear with us, because this is one of the coolest features of the Bottle Rocket. This master volume is actually a post-phase inverter master volume design (PPIMV). We feel that this design provides the best tones you can get for lower volume playing. You'll get great tones with this master all the way down to bedroom volumes. Crank the channel or solo master up and turn the overall master down to the volume level you'd like to play at and you'll see that the overall master also adds some perceived gain and compression to the tone. Experiment with balancing different settings of the channel masters and overall master to get the tone you'd like at the right volume for the room you're playing in. Of course, cranking the overall master up full takes it completely out of the circuit and you can just adjust the channel master/solo master to the appropriate volume.

While the amp has a lot of options and controls, getting familiar with the Bottle Rocket amplifier is easy, so don't be terribly surprised that you find yourself up and running in no time. It's really easy to dial in great tones in both channels and find your voice with it.

The Bottle Rocket is available in Black or Beige/White tolex. Custom color telex may be available upon request.

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