The M-80 Ordnance Metal Mid Boost

The M-80 Ordnance Metal Mid Boost was conceived based on our testing numerous boosts with the Bottle Rocket amp for cutting modern metal tones. In our experience, the VFE Standout was the best we tried, but a little complicated to dial in.

The M-80 Ordnance Metal Mid Boost is a collaboration between Henning Amplification and Peter Rutter (ex-VFE and now v(e) design) to create a pedal tuned for metal and really easy to dial in with high gain amps. The M-80 Ordnance delivers a fixed frequency response mid-boost that will make your guitars cut in even the heaviest mixes. Great for detuned, 7 and 8-string guitars, but also works well with standard tuned 6 strings for metal.

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The M-80 Ordnance Metal Mid Boost is based on the VFE Standout, but with a fixed frequency response tuned specifically for modern metal. Designed in collaboration with Peter Rutter (ex-VFE designer/owner and now with v(e) design) as the perfect boost to tighten up high gain guitars so they cut in the mix. This pedal also represents the first non-v(e) commercial pedal implementation of s Peter's new SPS system for power management and I/O. Whether you play standard tuned six strings, detuned, 7 or 8 strings, this boost will provide the cut and tightness you need. The internal makeup gain adjustment allows you to turn just about any amp into a screaming tight metal monster. Turn the makeup gain down when using high gain amps and up with lower gain amps.


  • Requires 9VDC, 150mA power supply (not included)
  • Internal makeup gain adjustment for effective use with high or low gain amps
  • Internal LED brightness adjustment
  • Blend control adjusts the ratio of dry to boosted signal
  • Level control adjust the amount of boost
  • Fixed frequency response tuned for modern metal
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