The Bottle Rocket Preamp Pedal

The Bottle Rocket is the first preamp design from Henning Amplification. Our goal was to deliver a two channel preamp that could be used on a pedalboard or in a rack rig and deliver tube tone without the hassle and heat of preamp tubes. The Bottle Rocket Preamp Pedal features a high voltage LND150 MOSFET-based design. These MOSFETs replace the 12AX7 tubes, bias like tubes and sound amazing!

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The Bottle Rocket Preamp Pedal is a two channel preamp pedal that delivers tube-like tone because of its unique design. The Clean channel produces gorgeous cleans and the Bottle Rocket high gain channel is basically identical to our 50 watt Bottle Rocket amplifier's preamp in both controls and gain stage design. The difference is that the pedal uses a high voltage (325V B+) LND150 MOSFET-based design to deliver its tones. It actually sounds amazingly close to the tube preamp section of the actual Bottle Rocket amplifier. The Bottle Rocket Preamp Pedal is a great starting point for a fly rig pedalboard that will allow you to get great tones no matter what back line amp you are provided with. Plug it into the effects return of an amp, in front of a clean amp, or add a pedal board power amp and effects and you're ready to play with the tones you expect from Henning Amplification.


  • Two channels - Clean and Bottle Rocket (high gain)
  • High Voltage LND150 MOSFET gain stages for tube tone without the tubes
  • White with black silkscreen heavy duty stainless steel enclosure
  • Footswitchable channel selection
  • Two footswitchable masters (Regular and Solo Boost), each with 3 way saturation switches
  • External control of Master and Channel selection for use with external switching systems
  • Clean channel (and pedal) can be bypassed in either buffered or true bypass modes
  • Two gain controls for the first two gain stages of the Bottle Rocket high gain channel, each with a 3 way "Bright" switch for ultimate tonal versatility


The Bottle Rocket Preamp Pedal's Bottle Rocket high gain channel provides great tonal versatility due to the dual gain controls and their corresponding 3-way bright switches, just like it's big brother, the Bottle Rocket amplifier. The dual gain controls provide you with the ability to control the amp's gain in both the first and second preamp stages, allowing you to shape the tone to your exact taste. The 3-way bright switches on each gain control not only affect the high end response of the preamp, but also tighten the response and add considerable perceived gain in the left and right positions (center position is off). You can mix the bright switch settings and gain control settings to get everything from classic rock tones to the heaviest modern metal tones. The dedicated clean channel provides gorgeous pristine cleans and can be easily bypassed if you are running it into a clean amp you already like the tone of.

The Bottle Rocket channel also allows you to change the gain response of the amp with the 3-way saturation switches associated with the main channel master (labeled VOLUME) and footswitchable solo master volume (labeled SOLO), allowing tremendous flexibility in sculpting YOUR ultimate tone. Singing lead tones and massive power chords can be dialed in with ease. The Bottle Rocket channel's footswitchable solo master volume and associated 3-way saturation switch can be set to provide a gain and volume boost for live soloing.

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