Bottle Rocket Updates

Bottle Rocket head cabs are in!

We now have the two prototype head cases for the Bottle Rocket prototypes we are working on. While we're still tweaking the circuit a bit, we are getting close to release now. We also need to do some tweaking to the chassis back silkscreen to move the Henning Amplification logo to the right a bit so it doesn't get cut off by the head cab, but that is really a minor issue. Getting close! Here are some pics...

Henning Bottle Rocket Progress

We've finally come up with a name for our new 50 watt amp and completed the design. It will be called the Bottle Rocket in keeping with our fireworks theme. The first prototype is (finally!) being built right now. Check out the pics! We're testing out a new matte black, slightly textured chassis as you can see in the posted slideshow. There are also pics of the white Bottle Rocket chassis. Let us know what you think of the matte black!